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Knobs and Handle Suppliers to Industrial OEMs

DimcoGray supplies the world’s leading OEMs with the highest quality plastic knobs and handles for a variety of industries. Flexible manufacturing processes, innovative inventory management programs and industry-leading customer service make DimcoGray much more than a typical supplier. Our ability to promise on-time delivery of knobs and handles and the ability to meet short lead times makes us a trusted partner to OEMs in the following industries.

Medical Equipment
Medical OEMs look to DimcoGray to provide the most dependable medical knobs and handles available. With our ISO 9001:2008 certification, DimcoGray has the quality processes in place to serve as medical knob suppliers to leading medical OEMs. We provide medical equipment handles and knobs for wide-ranging applications, including: IV pump pole clamps, hospital bed adjustment, and much more.

Farm & Construction Machinery
Nothing threatens the safety and productivity of a work site like unreliable equipment. Our OEM partners manufacture dependable, high quality farm and construction equipment that holds up under austere conditions and harsh applications. With DimcoGray’s ISO 9001:2008 certification, DimcoGray provides its OEM partners with the confidence to know that our construction machinery knobs and handles won’t fail in the field.

Equipment Controls
DimcoGray equipment knobs, mechanical controls and valve handles provide the durability and design required to manage machine operation and mechanical controls in a reliable manner. Regardless of the application, our industrial knobs and equipment andles ensure that machine and process operation continue running smoothly, efficiently and safely. Fluid system components that incorporate DimcoGray mechanical control knobs include: isolation and shut-off valves, regulating valves, hydraulic equipment and much more.

Outdoor Power Equipment
When it comes to outdoor power equipment, nothing is more important to our OEMs than providing tools that can withstand the rigors of the seasons. DimcoGray’s broad selection of ball knobs, equipment handles, garden knobs and all-purpose knobs and handles options ensures that our OEM partners can always find the right size, fit and grip to keep their outdoor power equipment functioning properly and safely all season long.

Food Equipment
Whether used for plastic handles on ice cream machines or heat control knobs in a food processing plant, DimcoGray delivers plastic knobs and handles in a broad range of shapes, sizes, colors and attachment methods to meet the broad needs of the food industry. With ergonomic designs, wide range of available grips, and specific treatments for heat and chemical resistance, we ensure that every plastic knob or plastic handle produced will improve usability and withstand the environmental rigors.

Industrial Equipment
With nearly a century of plastics molding experience, DimcoGray has perfected the industrial knob and handle manufacturing process to serve a myriad of industrial applications. Whether you select and configure one of our off-the-shelf knobs and handles or require a custom solution, you can be confident that DimcoGray has the product solution that you are looking for. DimcoGray industrial knobs and handles can be found in almost any industry where components, equipment and machines need to be adjusted, tightened, pulled, pushed or gripped.