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Food Equipment

Whether used for plastic handles on ice cream machines or heat control knobs in a food processing plant, DimcoGray delivers plastic knobs and handles in a broad range of shapes, sizes, colors and attachment methods to meet the broad needs of the food industry. With ergonomic designs, wide range of available grips, and specific treatments for heat and chemical resistance, we ensure that every plastic knob or plastic handle produced will improve usability and withstand the environmental rigors. DimcoGray employs flexible manufacturing techniques that allow us to deliver a variety of plastic knobs and handle designs and materials required for a wide variety of OEMs that serve the food industry. Some common food industry applications include:

  • Instrument knobs
  • Fluid/flow control
  • Drawers and doors
  • Pizza/oven tray
  • Levers/handles - ice cream machine
  • Thickness adjusting knobs and handles for slicing
  • Heat control knobs

Food industry knob and handle OEMs may also take advantage of DimcoGray's innovative partnership programs that help to effectively manage production requirements and deliver savings to the bottom line. Our programs provide the following benefits to our OEM partners:

  • Flexible delivery schedules
  • Varying order quantity capability
  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Reduced supplier base