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Industrial Equipment

DimcoGray industrial knobs and handles can be found in almost any industry where components, equipment and machines need to be adjusted, tightened, pulled, pushed or gripped. Because of our expansive product breadth and configuration options, DimcoGray serves an ideal partner to OEMs who depend on our vast selection and available inventory of industrial knobs. Many of our industrial equipment OEMs rely on DimcoGray to provide custom solutions for their particular industry that address very specific applications.

You may contact us directly and supply us with a detailed description of your specific industrial knob requirements, or you can peruse our product locator to narrow down our broad range of product options to those that best meet your need(s).

Delivering a solution at DimcoGray means much more than finding the industrial handles our OEM partners need. We are committed to developing relationships that reduce costs and enhance your operational performance. DimcoGray’s product specialists can help reduce your supplier base, manage inventory and lower your overall costs by developing a supplier partnership tailored specifically to your needs.