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Medical Equipment

DimcoGray supplies the world’s leading medical OEMs with the most dependable medical knobs and handles available. With our ISO 9001:2008 registration, DimcoGray has the quality processes in place to serve the medical industry.

Our broad product line of medical equipment handles and knobs and flexible manufacturing capabilities meet the wide-ranging application needs for medical equipment OEMs, including:

  • IV pump pole clamps
  • Hospital bed adjustment
  • Oxygen tank metering knobs
  • Lamp and fixture adjustment
  • Range of motion/physical therapy equipment
  • Dental equipment

DimcoGray also has its own medical molding division, DG Medical, which specializes in contract molding services for the development of medical devices. DG Medical adheres to the most stringent quality and regulatory requirements, and employs strict process validation and controls to provide traceability throughout the production process.