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Outdoor Power Equipment

Our outdoor power equipment OEM customers depend on DimcoGray’s plastic handles, garden knobs and other equipment handles that support reliable, rugged equipment operation and maintain healthy turf and gardens year-round. Knob suppliers to lawn and garden equipment OEMs, DimcoGray has developed a wide array of durable garden knobs and equipment handles to meet the market’s broad range of applications, including:

  • Mowers, tillers, snow blowers and aerators
  • Utility vehicles and ATVs
  • Tractors
  • Power equipment
  • Accessories and attachments

Plastic knobs and plastic handles are used in outdoor power equipment for various purposes, including:

  • Camp handles
  • Adjusting knobs
  • Shifting and mower deck adjustment
  • Tightening knobs for changing attachments
  • PTO knob
  • Throttle cables
  • Speed control

Flexible manufacturing processes, innovative inventory management programs and industry-leading customer service make DimcoGray an ideal partner for outdoor power equipment OEMs. On-time delivery of knobs and handles and the ability to meet short lead times are absolute requirements for our lawn and garden equipment partners. That is why we have focused on creating customer-specific programs that ensure timely delivery while positively impacting the bottom line. Our partnership programs provide flexible scheduling of garden knob and garden handle deliveries, varying order quantity capability, reduced inventory costs and reduced supplier base.