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Product Options

Not every application can be met with off-the-shelf solutions. That’s why DimcoGray offers a broad range of customization options that can be seamlessly incorporated into your knob or handle.

Identification / Printing / Function Markings

  • Pad printing – Incorporate digital art in one- and two-colors with quick drying, no-smear, heat-cured inks to any knob or handle.
  • Hot stamping – An attractive and distinctive pressed-in look available in a wide range of colors and metallic pigments.
  • Inlays – Aluminum or Mylar can be applied to knob recesses enabling full color designs. Adhesives meet automotive industry standards and are unaffected by water.
  • Embedded characters – Permanently marks any knob or handle product with a custom message.

Attachment Options

Work with a DimcoGray expert to specify the exact insert, coring, reaming and tapping requirements for your knob or handle application. Options are extensive and include:

  • Threaded brass inserts
  • Reamed brass bushings
  • Threaded metal studs
  • Molded plastic threads
  • Cored holes
  • Set screws
  • Spring clips
  • Light assembly

Value-Added Assembly

Many customers rely on DimcoGray to provide value-added assembly operations. Contact a DimcoGray applications expert to learn how we can remove the burden of tedious component assembly from your knob or handle operation. Capabilities include:

  • Mating part assembly
  • Electromechanical subassemblies
  • Electronic subassemblies
  • Complete product assembly
  • Thermoset Colors
  • Thermoplastic Colors


Choose from a wide variety of standard colors or specify an exact PMS color match for your DimcoGray knob or handle. DimcoGray offers numerous material, finish and color options, including:

  • Thermoplastic materials for impact resistance and resilience.
  • Thermoset materials for glossy smooth surfaces, resistance to water, oils, grease and common chemicals; special finishing options for ultra-smooth surfaces.
  • DimcoGRIP® for soft touch, enhanced gripping, vibration reduction and impact cushioning.
  • Sand and buff for ultra high gloss finish.

Contact DimcoGray to learn how we manage our business to meet your exacting requirements.