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Knurled Knobs and Handles

DimcoGray knurled knobs and handles are integral components in outdoor power equipment and equipment controls produced by some of the world's largest OEMs. Our knurled knobs can be found in applications ranging from mowers and snow blowers to hydraulic system regulation for motion control. Our broad range of knobs and handles make it easy to select the perfect solution for a variety of applications.

Delivering a solution at DimcoGray means much more than finding the industrial knobs you need. We develop relationships that reduce costs and enhance your operational performance. Our knobs and handles solutions specialists can help you reduce your supplier base, manage inventory and lower your overall costs by developing a supplier partnership specific to your needs.

We strive to help customers manage their bottom line and are committed to producing the reliable, durable products that have made DimcoGray well-known throughout the industry for more than 85 years. Our knurled knobs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments while still meeting the ergonomic needs for human-machine interface. DimcoGray supplies knurled handles and knobs for nearly every foreseeable application.

You can purchase knurled knobs for your applications from a number of sources. Only DimcoGray delivers business solutions that go beyond product availability and price.