Custom Plastic Molding

Custom Molding -- Experience You Can Count On

DimcoGray has been in the business of molding plastics since 1924. Our reputation of providing an extensive line of quality knobs and handles is synonymous with the DimcoGray name…and still is today. But our capabilities go well beyond knobs and handles to include custom molded components for OEMs from a wide range of industries around the world.

Getting it Right from the Start

DimcoGray custom molding expertise often starts with our engineering staff. Years of plastics processing experience provide the backdrop for offering you design for manufacturing (DFM) collaboration and material selection options to assure your molded parts meet the form, fit, and function required for your application. And we understand tooling. We work closely with toolmakers in designing the right tool, and then we validate that tool to make sure the finished parts meet each specification.

We’re also equipped for rapid prototyping using the latest technology in 3D printing, or Fused Deposition Molding (FDM). This technology allows us to produce prototypes within days; and you have the opportunity to assess, tweak, and test your design quickly and cost effectively, allowing you to make adjustments to your design where needed before steel or aluminum molds are made.


Quality First – It’s How We Think

DimcoGray takes quality seriously and maintains a rigorous Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards. Not only is our Quality Department armed with all the tools for verifying that the products we produce meet each customer’s quality specifications, but the message of quality flows throughout the company and is reinforced through continuous improvement and training initiatives. DimcoGray is proud to be an American manufacturer for 90 years…never wavering on providing quality products to our customers.