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Farm & Construction Equipment Knob & Handle Manufacturer

DimcoGray agricultural equipment knobs and construction equipment plastic handles and knobs are able to withstand the toughest outdoor environments and still maintain an ergonomic design for ease of use in the field.

With a myriad of machine knob options, DimcoGray supplies a knob or handle for nearly every foreseeable farming and construction application, including:

  • Commercial loaders, tractors, and graders
  • Agricultural combines, sprayers, tillers, cutters, shredders, tractors, etc.
  • Hydraulic levers
  • Shifting knobs
  • Clamping for cage/windows
  • Seat adjustments
  • Plastic PTO knobs
  • Raise/lower
  • Cranking handles
  • Position/maneuver knobs and handles
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red farm machinery - plastic handles for construction and farm equipment

Product Highlights

DimcoGray heavy-duty farm and construction machinery knobs and handles are made using reinforced polymers, built to withstand the elements without losing their performance ability. Accelerated aging, tensile and torsion testing can be provided to ensure performance to customer specifications. Corrosion resistant inserts are often applied for long life even in arduous conditions. DimcoGray’s outdoor power equipment knobs and handles offer the following benefits:

  • Tactile feedback, grip-ability
  • Multiple color options
  • Durability

Product Recommendations

The most commonly used DimcoGray farm and construction machinery plastic handles and equipment knobs include:

DimcoGray’s OEM customers expect equipment knobs and handles that meet the demanding requirements of their farm and construction machinery – and that’s exactly what we deliver. But beyond the knobs and handles themselves, our customer partnership programs can help you manage your bottom line. From flexible delivery schedules and varying order quantity capability to reduced inventory costs and supplier base, taking advantage of these programs provides multiple benefits to our OEM partners.

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